We are going to start returning libraries. Starting with run FGC0725 we will be contacting clients to setup sample returns.

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The Next-Generation Sequencing Core offers comprehensive high-throughput sequencing services from experiment design to basic data analysis to members of the University of Pennsylvania
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Services Offered by the FGC

Experiment Design Advice on techniques, sequencing depth, and analysis.
Microarrays Agilent microarrays for RNA expression experiments.
Sample Quality Assessments Agilent bioAnalyzer and TapeStation, *** quBit
Library Preparation Various protocols for Illumina sequencing.
Illumina hiSeq sequencing 50bp and 100bp, single-read and paired-end
Illumina miSeq sequencing 50 to 500bp total, single-read and paired-end
Data Analysis Basic and custom analysis for microarray and sequencing data.