NGSC Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-06-08 - Phase I Resumption

Following the guidelines from PSOM, we are increasing the level of services we are offering starting June 8, 2020.

Our initial Phase I operating mode is as follows:

  1. We are accepting new samples from UPenn/CHOP clients.
    • We have canceled our standard 11-12 and 3-4PM drop-off windows.
    • Sample drop-off is by appointment only.
    • You must submit a sample submission spreadsheet and receive confirmation before scheduling sample drop-off.
    • You must observe social distancing during the drop-off.
  2. We are not accepting new samples from outside clients.
  3. Self-service operations, other than Illumina sequencers are available with limitations.
    • The rooms containing such equipment do not allow for more than single occupancy.
    • Equipment must be scheduled via our iLab calendars.
    • Sanitizing materials and procedures will be posted.
    • Equipment and work surfaces must be sanitized as per the instructions.
  4. Illumina sequencers are not available for self-service sequencing.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

2020-03-16 - Spring 2020 Ramp-down

Our current operational plans for the COVID-19 ramp-down are currently as follows. This plan has been approved by PSOM leadership and meets the guidelines for the ramp-down.

  1. We will not accept samples after March 17, 2020 except for
    • samples related to COVID-19 research
    • time sensitive samples related to or derived from patient samples in clinical trials
  2. We will prepare libraries for samples in our possession as of March 17, 2020.
  3. We will sequence all samples in our possesion as soon as possible.
  4. Self-service access will be limited as in item 1 above.

Points 2. and 3. are subject to staff and reagent availability. We will announce changes to the policy via email and postings at the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Clients who expect to have COVID-19 samples or clinical trial patient samples should contact us as soon as possible to make sure we can accomodate your needs and to plan the optimal schedule of sample delivery.

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